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The Contention Window

Sep 18, 2019

Joining us for this episode are Celona’s (@celonaio) co-founders, Rajeev Shah and Mehmet Yavuz. Celona has just announced receiving series A funding from tier-1 venture capital firms in Silicon Valley and is calling itself the first networking company with a mission to make cellular wireless fully consumable in the...

Sep 11, 2019

This episode covers everything YOU need to know about the brand new, shiny, Wi-Fi Awards program. During this episode, Scott interviews the Wi-Fi Awards team of Keith, Sam, JD, and Tauni to provide all of the details you need to know to be a part of the awards program!

Check out the Wi-Fi Awards website at

Sep 3, 2019

Episode 13 sees hosts Scott (@theITrebel) & Tauni (@tauniodia) dive off into a hodgepodge of topics from MFD4 along with their special guest, Jake Snyder (@jsnyder81). Among the topics covered are AI, OpenRoaming, & Passpoint along with a bit of rambunctious contention and fun banter.

For show notes...